Abstracts KBS 2017

Alcohol and Injury in Emergency Room: A Comparison of Songkran Festival and Normal Period in Thailand

Prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and illicit substance use among secondary school student in Thailand, 2015

Factors associated with failure to maintain abstinence during the Buddhist Lent Abstinence Campaign in Thailand

Difference in socioeconomic background and psychiatric consequences between persons with heavy episodic drinking and moderate regular drinking: Results of the Thai National Mental Health Survey 2013

The study on non-fatal injuries and pattern of Alcohol drink among patients at Emergency room : MaharajNakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and Nakornping Hospital

The development and evaluation of alcohol policy implementation at provincial level in Thailand

Alcohol use and drinking pattern of Thai drinkers: buddy system, sociocultural and seasonal drinking

Follow up the health risk behaviors: methodology issues for Alcohol Control Policy Study in Thailand: A second wave survey

Alcohol-Free Funeral Campaign, Lampang Province, Thailand

Profits Routes in Alcoholic Beverage Business and Transparency